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A satisfied client is our best advertisement. Here are a selection of testimonials showing how having Klomp Custom Homes build your new home can bring great results. Read on...

Conni & Mark DYER, IN

"I am going to have a hard time fitting all that I would like to say into one letter. The first thing that I would like is to thank you for not being or doing any of things I was warned about by family and friends (who had built their own homes with other contractors and recounted nightmare after nightmare) about doing business with contractors. I was told my house would take way longer than I was promised–you did it in less time; I was told that you would not include any of the fancy upscale things I wanted in my home–you included them all; I was told that you would 'nickel and dime' me–my allowances have been more than adequate to buy all the things I wanted for my home without going over. I was told to be leery that I would be charged for every little change and every little thing that did not go as planned. Not only have i not been charged extra for little mistakes made by my architect which you ended up correcting, but there have been numerous great design ideas and extras that you offered to me as suggestions (and I accepted) that you also did not charge me extra for.
Your attention to detail is astounding and your patience with my many phone calls sometimes on weekends and late night) is appreciated more than you know. There were many times I thought to myself “this is the time they are going to get annoyed at me and start yelling or overcharging”, but that day never came.
I love my house and you have made what is a stressful time in life truly enjoyable for Mark and I. I hoped that when I decided to business with a Christian builder that I would not have any problems and I have to say that you truly do business in a Christ-like manner. I still cannot believe that my house came in at the quoted price, on time, looking GREAT! and I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
If you ever need a reference I would not hesitate to give my highest recommendation to Klomp Custom Construction. Thank you so very much!"


"From the very start when we decided to build our house, we knew that choosing a builder was the most important decision we would make. Understanding the stress involved in the process of building a house made us realize that we should only pick the best in the business.
We are now proud owners of this  'dreamhouse' built by KLOMP CUSTOM HOMES. We can't say enough to describe Todd and Crystal, the owners of the Klomp Custom Homes. They are very professional to say the least! Honest, dependable and always there when you have question or concern about the house.
The quality of workmanship is at its best. Well, afterall, they are Custom Home Builders.
Thank you so much for the 'stress free' experience."

Amy & C.J.


"Klomp Custom Homes made building my home as stress free as possible. Todd's quality craftmanship and Crystal's attention to intricate detail added things to my home that I would have never have thought of myself. Todd and Crystal compliment each other and make a nice team.
My overall experience was great. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is considering building a new home."

Mike & Lisa DYER, IN

"Just wanted to let you know that we love the house. We feel the house is of excellent quality. We get lots of compliments on the house. People tell us all the time how beautiful it is. We feel you did great workmanship on our home. We are very happy!"

Kathy K DYER, IN

"We are very happy with the quality of our home built by Klomp Custom Homes!"


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  219.308.8372 Indiana
847.219.1429 Illinois